Detailed Services

Concours Correct / Thoroughbred

The highest level of restoration. On a 100-point judging scale, this level hits the 100-mark of complete and pristine restoration. A car restored to this level can be deemed perfect in every discernible way. Cars at this level are show candidates and are never driven. Achieving this level of restoration is a highly expensive undertaking. This process uses the Rotisserie Restoration function, using NOS (New Old Stock) parts as available.

Rotisserie Restoration

is when we totally disassemble the car and the body is taken off the frame. The body is then placed on a rotisserie, which can be turned to show any space on the car. From there it can be media blasted to bare metal, perform any body repair work, prime, painted, restoring and reassembled the same way the factory did it.


During a Full Restoration, Rotisserie or just freshen up, some major components are replaced with modern equivalents. This could be upgrading anything from modern suspension, larger brakes, rear end, transmission, body kits (such as Shelby Replicas) performance engine, etc… The car will look externally just like the original, but it will drive like a much more contemporary car.

Detailing Specific Area Restoration

This would include the engine bay area, undercarriage area, interior area and exterior area.